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Castletopdolls in Maryland is where dreams come true of owning your very own Ragdoll kitten, we are located in Conowingo,  just 40 min North of Baltimore and close to Pennsylvania and Delaware, I began breeding the Ragdoll in 2002 and have a wonderful cherished reputation for bringing healthy happy cats into peoples homes, we are a TICA registered cattery, we breed only blue eyes Ragdolls and Aqua eyed mink Ragdolls, I do not breed solid colors as I believe the breed should be kept a blue eyed breed like it was meant to be.

We offer many references if asked and kittens come with a health guarantee, all of our cats and kittens have different personality and different needs and we try very hard to match you with what you are most looking for, we do not ship pet kittens and only ship very few show breeders out of Baltimore.

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A little about me, although I am not a vet or doctor I have studied animal and human health since my teens and wanted to start a breeding program to produce healthy nice pets for people to love, since I do not have children my animals are very spoiled and I spend lots of time with them, by learning about health and genetics I have been breeding top quality healthy superior cats for many years. I was born in 1974 grew up in Baltimore Maryland and now am living in Conowingo Maryland with my Husband Glenn, we have been married since 2002.


I became a TICA registered hobby breeder because I love cats and the ragdoll is one of my favorites, all of our cats have free run of the home under my supervision so that all pregnancies are planned, kittens are raised in set up rooms so there is no caging, we are not a cattery but a pet home hobby breeder, our kittens must go to loving homes who meet the requirements and most important  one forever home, we contract all of our kittens to be sure they end up in forever homes. my job is to make sure all cats and kittens have access to fresh water, high quality food, clean litter and to be handled and socialised, vet care and so on. Please check out my older site at www.castletopdolls.net 

when you get a ragdoll kitten from us you not only get a beautiful cat you will ge, lifelong support and a 3 year against certain genetic defects and a 3 day money back guarantee in any life threatening situation. 

E Mail us at [email protected] or call  443-945-7881